How to set up Custom crosshair overlay

Please note, the software is in active development and its interface and features can be changed.

Desktop Overlay can draw over any game running in windowed (or borderless) graphics mode. You only need to add a new overlay Custom crosshair in the scene and start a game.

You can customize your crosshair in various ways. Right click on the overlay, then select Configure or just double click on the overlay in the list.

You can select one of pre-installed crosshairs images or add your own image.

Built-in crosshairs are created in white color, so you can colorize them by applying a color mask.

Crosshair overlay has ability to switch off or on by a hotkey. Bind Visibility switch hotkey (up to three buttons simultaneously) and the software will hide the overlay on the hotkey press or show it again on the next hotkey press.

Crosshair hotkey has optional alternative mode. When it is enabled, the crosshair image is hidden when the hotkey is up and visible when one is down. Inverted mode does opposite work - hides the image when the hotkey is down.

As any other overlay in Desktop Overlay tool, custor crosshair has a set of common options.

Size and Update rate options are disabled because software set these parameters itself. But you can adjust its transparency to get better visual feeling.

You don't see a crosshair in your game. Why?

The most "popular" cause why you don't see the crosshair is Fullscreen exclusive mode which is used by the game render.

In this graphics mode the game process "captures" whole control over GPU and Windows doesn't allow other software to draw over the screen. That is why it is called Exclusive mode. This mode has a few advantages over windowed (borderless) mode but most gamers will not feel any differences, really.

If you're sure that you need to run the game only in Fullscreen Exclusive mode, then take a look to our another tool for gamers HudSight. HudSight is special software which can draw crosshairs in any game render mode by adding its own code to the game rendering queue.

What do we end up with? If you run games only in fullscreen exclusive mode, try HudSight. Please note, some anticheats do not like such types of overlays (EAC for example) and can block them. If you run games in windowed (borderless) mode, try Desktop Overlay. Anticheats cannot do anything with these overlays.