How to set up Window capture overlay

Please note, the software is in active development and its interface and features can be changed.

Desktop Overlay can capture the content of any window and show it at any location of your display. After adding a new Window capture overlay you will see a semi-transparent window over the desktop.

Right click on the overlay (or on its name in the overlays list), then select Configure to open overlay settings. Double click on overlay will also open its settings.

First you need to select a window from the list of available windows.

If you don't see the copy of the original window, read below

After setting up the source for the overlay you may want to apply some transformations and effects to the captured image.

You may crop the window to the desired size. For example if you want to see a replica of your WhatsApp or Telegram messenger window on top but don't want to see any additional interface elements, use cropping.

Window capture overlay has ability to draw a colored outline. Just enable it, select thinkness and color and you'll be able to distinguish the window replica from the original :)

If you're running Windows 10 then additional effect can be applied - Color key. Desktop Overlay will erase for you any color (with desired threshold) from captured image. This is useful in the case of various chats to remove unwanted background. This effect is not available on Windows 7, sorry.

Click to activate feature is useful if you'd like to create an alternative to standard Windows task bar. Create a set of Window capture overlays and enable this option for every overlay. Now if you click to one of them, the original window will be moved to the foreground.

As any other overlay in Desktop Overlay tool, window capture overlay has a set of common options.

Enabling Click through option will enable "ignore mouse" mode for the overlay. Any click over the overlay will be redirected to the window under the overlay.

Update rate can be set to high value if you plan to duplicate some movie window or to low value if your window is changed rarely as messenger chat.

You don't see a window or it is black or it is not refreshing. Why?

If desired window is minimized then software cannot capture it. Microsoft Windows system just does not update minimized windows and they cannot be captured. A window can be captured only if it is on foreground or on background, but not minimized.

Unfortunately we cannot do anything with this because of system restriction :(